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Title: Selection of causes according to socio-demographic status in South Africa
Authors: Corbishley, Karen Margaret 
Mason, Roger Bruce 
Keywords: Cause related marketing;Charities;Corporate social responsibility;Socio-demographic variables;South Africa
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2011
Publisher: Taylor and Fancis
Source: Corbishley, K. M. and Mason, R.B. 2011. Selection of causes according to socio-demographic status in South Africa. Journal of Promotion Management. 17(2): 228-240.
Journal: Journal of promotion management 
Cause related marketing links charities to the sales of products, brands, or services. The charity is mentioned in promotional campaigns and a percentage donated to the cause according to unit sales or turnover. This article aims to establish which charities are more popular with South African consumers, and whether different socio-demographic groups (age, gender, income, and education) prefer to support different causes. A quantitative study was conducted in South Africa using a structured questionnaire administered via interviews at shopping malls. Different groups were found to prefer to support considerably different causes and these causes were identified.
ISSN: 1049-6491
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