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Corbishley, Karen Margaret
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2014The Country-of-Origin effect and its influence on consumer attitudes and convenience product consideration in Durban, South AfricaMason, Roger Bruce ; Corbishley, Karen Margaret ; Kamwendo, Andrew Ronald 
22016Factors that influence the marketing of professional servicesEnerson, Meg ; Mason, Roger Bruce ; Corbishley, Karen Margaret 
321-Jun-2011Selection of causes according to socio-demographic status in South AfricaCorbishley, Karen Margaret ; Mason, Roger Bruce 
42014Socio-demographics and their link to selection of charitable causes in South Africa : a correspondence analysis approachCorbishley, Karen Margaret 
52014South African consumer ethnocentrism and attitudes towards foreign convenience productsKamwendo, Andrew Ronald ; Corbishley, Karen Margaret ; Mason, Roger Bruce