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Mason, Roger Bruce
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Awareness of the space industry as a career opportunity in South AfricaZuma, Khanya Philani ; Mason, Roger Bruce ; Maharaj, Mandusha 
2Mar-2013The ‘chav’ subculture : branded clothing as an extension of the selfMason, Roger Bruce ; Wigley, Gemma 
32013Communication channels and interpersonal communication between South African and German business partnersScheming, Oleg ; Mason, Roger Bruce 
4Jul-2019A comparative investigation into the changing use of shopping malls in Germany and South AfricaMason, Roger Bruce ; Dobbelstein, Thomas ; Corbishley, Karen Margaret 
52013Complexity theory and leadership for turbulent environmentsMason, Roger Bruce 
6Jan-2007Consumer protection awareness in South AfricaMason, Roger Bruce 
72006Coping with complexity and turbulence : an entrepreneurial solutionMason, Roger Bruce 
8Nov-2014The Country-of-Origin effect and its influence on consumer attitudes and convenience product consideration in Durban, South AfricaMason, Roger Bruce ; Corbishley, Karen Margaret ; Kamwendo, Andrew Ronald 
92013Distribution tactics for success in turbulent versus stable environments: A complexity theory approachMason, Roger Bruce 
102014E-learning : a means to increase learner involvement in researchDe Beer, Marie ; Mason, Roger Bruce 
112017The effect of service delivery in public ‘community service centres’: A case of an emerging economyNgobese, Ndabazinhle ; Mason, Roger Bruce ; Maharaj, Mandusha 
122009An exploration of marketing tactics for turbulent environmentsMason, Roger Bruce ; Staude, Gavin 
132016An exploratory critique of action learning in higher education in South Africa : barriers and challengesMaharaj, Rosh ; Mason, Roger Bruce 
142007The external environment’s effect on management and strategy : a complexity theory approachMason, Roger Bruce 
152019Factors that influence perceptions and purchasing of organic produce by South African Consumers : a literature reviewFynn-Green, Geraldine ; Mason, Roger Bruce ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
162016Factors that influence the marketing of professional servicesEnerson, Meg ; Mason, Roger Bruce ; Corbishley, Karen Margaret 
172007Goal clarity and trust in management in educational mergersMay, Tuto ; Mason, Roger Bruce 
182014The influence of culture marketing communications : critical cultural factors influencing South African and German businessesSchnalke, Marcel ; Mason, Roger Bruce 
19Apr-2016The influence of the level of environmental complexity and turbulence on the choice of marketing tacticsMason, Roger Bruce ; Dobbelstein, Thomas 
202008Management actions, attitudes to change and perceptions of the external environment : a complexity theory approachMason, Roger Bruce