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Usadolo, Sam Erevbenagie
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Aug-2019Christians’ perceptions of HIV prevention in Benin City, Nigeria : implications for HIV/AIDS communicationUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie 
22-Jan-2015Communicative challenges of interpreting in cross-border languages in South African courtroomsUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie ; Kotzé, Ernst 
3Feb-2019The impact of lower level management on volunteers' workplace outcomes in South African non-profit organisations : the mediating role of supportive supervisor communicationUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie ; Usadolo, Queen Emwenkeke 
419-Jul-2019Influence of leader-member exchange on teachers' workplace outcomes at vocational colleges in South AfricaUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie ; Usadolo, Queen Emwenkeke ; Makwambeni, Blessing 
56-Aug-2020The influence of participative leadership on agricultural extension officers’ engagementUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie 
62018Linking psychosocial factors to young South Africans’ intention to use condoms : the moderating role of HIV/AIDS informationUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie ; Usadolo, Queen 
731-Jan-2016Sociolinguistic influences on the quality of interpreting for foreign African immigrants in South African courtroomsUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie 
82014Some interlingual communicative challenges for foreign African interpreters in South African courtroomsUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie ; Kotzé, Ernst 
92016A stakeholder approach to community participation in a rural development projectUsadolo, Sam Erevbenagie ; Caldwel, Marc 
1024-Feb-2024Using a blended learning approach to encourage course interaction in a first-year business communication moduleMdletye, Zizipho ; Usadolo, Sam Erevbenagie