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Title: Influence of leader-member exchange on teachers' workplace outcomes at vocational colleges in South Africa
Authors: Usadolo, Sam Erevbenagie 
Usadolo, Queen Emwenkeke 
Makwambeni, Blessing 
Keywords: Leader-member exchange;Supervisor-subordinate relationship;Communication satisfaction;Turnover intention;Workplace relationship;Business & Management
Issue Date: 19-Jul-2019
Publisher: Routledge
Source: Usadolo, S. E., Usadolo, Q. E. and Makwambeni, B. 2019.Influence of leader-member exchange on teachers' workplace outcomes at vocational colleges in South Africa. Journal of African Business. 21(2): 264-287. Available: doi:10.1080/15228916.2019.1641303
Journal: Journal of African Business, Vol. 21, Issue 2 
In this study, the influence of leader-member exchange on teachers’ communication satisfaction and turnover intention is examined. A regression analysis shows that the independent variable (leader-member exchange) has a direct and significant effect on the dependent variables (communication satisfaction and turnover intention) in five vocational colleges examined in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. The findings confirm previous findings about the impact of workplace relationships on teachers’ attitudes and behaviours, especially supervisor-subordinate relationships. The implications of these findings are discussed as they relate to the management of teachers at vocational education institutions in South Africa.
ISSN: 1522-8916
1522-9076 (Online)
DOI: 10.1080/15228916.2019.1641303
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