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Veerasamy, Dayaneethie
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2016Cultural diversity and its influence on the attitudes of Africans and Indians toward marketing communication : a South African perspectiveIjabadeniyi, Abosede ; Govender, Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy ; Veerasamy, Dayaneethie 
2Jun-2012An evaluation of the emerging teen market in Durban, South Africa : some marketing implicationsVeerasamy, Dayaneethie ; Robertson, Natasha 
32007The impact of communication on customer relationship marketing among cellular service providersPoovalingam, Kasthuri ; Veerasamy, Dayaneethie 
4Apr-2013The influence of social networking on lifestyle : a higher education perspectiveVeerasamy, Dayaneethie ; Govender, Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy 
5Mar-2013Intercultural communication and work integrated learning : a South African perspectiveRamlutchman, Nisha ; Veerasamy, Dayaneethie 
6Oct-2012International students’ expectations and perceptions of service quality : the case of a higher education institution in South AfricaGovender, Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy ; Veerasamy, Dayaneethie ; Noel, Dion Trevor 
7May-2014The service quality experience of International students: the case of a selected higher education institution in South AfricaVeerasamy, Dayaneethie ; Noel, Dion Trevor ; Govender, Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy 
82015Using e-communication in the mobile telecommunications industryVeerasamy, Dayaneethie