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Title: Consumer protection awareness in South Africa
Authors: Mason, Roger Bruce 
Keywords: Consumerism;Consumer protection;Consumer rights;Consumer knowledge;Education;Income
Issue Date: Jan-2007
This paper addresses the lack of knowledge about awareness of consumer protection in South Africa, especially amongst disadvantaged consumers. Literature shows that there is a high correlation between the level of economic development and the awareness of consumer rights. The more developed a country is, the more aware its people will be in terms of their consumer rights. The less developed a country is, the lower the level of consumer rights awareness consumers will have. Consumers, like any other citizens of a country, have a right to be protected by the law. Private and non-governmental organisations and the consumer councils need to ensure that the interests and rights of consumers are well protected.
The study involved a literature review and an exploratory empirical study into the effect of income and education on awareness of consumer protection by a sample of Durban consumers. A strong positive relationship between consumer protection awareness and income and education was found.
Recommendations for actions to improve consumer protection awareness amongst low income, poorly educated consumers are made, and further research to develop a deeper understanding of the problem is suggested
Mason, R.B. Consumer protection awareness in South Africa. Department of Marketing, Durban University of Technology.
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