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Title: The role of customer service training in the hospitality sector : a case of the Wild Coast Sun Hotel
Authors: Gunpath, Seshini 
Editors: Lourens, Melanie
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2022
The purpose of the study was to determine the role of customer service training in
the Hospitality industry using the Wild Coast Sun as a case study. The study aimed
to add value in identifying the different types of customer service training in the
Hospitality industry and serving as a benchmark for the industry. The research
methodology employed in this study was a quantitative approach, which aimed to
measure and describe the facts, the design used, the numbers and the statistics to
reach a conclusion. In this study, the creation and design of the questionnaire went
through numerous drafts, which required a considerable amount of time to improve
until the final research instrument was formulated. The questionnaire for this study
contained a combination of structured questions with closed-ended responses and
Likert-scale statements, formulated to focus on a specific area to obtain precise data
that allowed for statistical analysis. The responses were analysed using the latest
version of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 27 for
Windows. The statistical breakdown was conducted in two phases, namely a
descriptive statistical analysis and inferential statistics to test the hypotheses. Many
significant findings developed from the comprehensive theoretical scrutiny of the
statistics. Additionally, these conclusions were also substantiated by other authors
and researchers who performed similar studies and whose results were
contextualized for the outcomes of the current study. It was recommended that
Senior and executive management create a customer-centric environment for both
internal and external customers.
Submitted in full requirement for Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism and at Durban University of Technology, 2022.
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