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Title: Treatment of water and wastewater for reuse and energy generation-emerging technologies
Other Titles: Water and wastewater treatment
Authors: Tetteh, Emmanuel Kweinor
Rathilal, Sudesh
Chetty, Maggie
Armah, Edward Kwaku 
Asante-Sackey, Dennis 
Keywords: Anaerobic digestion;Advanced oxidation processes;Membrane technology;Renewable energy
Issue Date: 25-Apr-2019
Publisher: IntechOpen
Source: Tetteh, E.K., Rathilal, S.,Chetty, M., Armah, E.K., Asante-Sackey, D. 2019. Treatment of water and wastewater for reuse and energy generation-emerging technologies. In: Eyvaz, M. ed. Water and wastewater treatment. London: IntechOpen. doi:10.5772/intechopen.84474
Fresh water quality and supply, particularly for domestic and industrial purposes,
are deteriorating with contamination threats on water resources. Multiple
technologies in the conventional wastewater treatment (WWT) settings have been
adopted to purify water to a desirable quality. However, the design and selection
of a suitable cost-effective treatment scheme for a catchment area are essential
and have many considerations including land availability, energy, effluent quality
and operational simplicity. Three emerging technologies are discussed, including
anaerobic digestion, advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) and membrane technology,
which holds great promise to provide integrational alternatives for manifold
WWT process and distribution systems to mitigate contaminants and meet acceptable
limitations. The main applications, basic principles, merits and demerits of the
aforementioned technologies are addressed in relation to their current limitations
and future research needs in terms of renewable energy. Hence, the advancement in
manufacturing industry along with WWT blueprints will enhance the application
of these technologies for the sustainable management and conservation of water
ISBN: 9781789239294
DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.84474
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