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Title: Challenges of the repairs and maintenance of water infrastructure in Aganang Municipality in the province of Limpopo
Authors: Mokgobu, Matlou Lesley 
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Access to clean water is a human right and a basic need. Yet, many South African communities, the villages of the Aganang Municipality included, are still living in areas where access to clean water remains a challenge. They face, among other problems, a longer waiting time in long queues; walking long distances despite the topography of the villages; waiting for water at night when numerous consumer‘s taps are closed is then that water can reach other areas; or simply buying water from other community members who trade it with donkey carts as a commodity.

The researcher used a mixed method to understand the challenges of water infrastructure in the municipality. The research‘s main findings reveal that these challenges result from a number of factors including but not limited to vandalism, shortage of personnel; lack of resources human, financial and spare parts; leaking and breaking of pipes, and under qualified/poorly trained personnel. These issues lead to dissatisfaction of the beneficiaries and mixed feelings around water quality. Indeed, whilst majority of respondents believe the quality of water is good, others disagree whilst others claim that they do not receive water at all.

The solutions to these problems are also multifaceted. They include yard connections, reporting theft and vandalism to the police, imposing fine to the offender, employing water inspectors and security guards, discouraging illegal connections, educate the communities. The reporting mechanisms could include social media, free transportation of both the personnel and individuals who have identified the issues, and recruiting local people and transferring skills to the community members.

The respondents have different views on different aspects of water infrastructure and access to clean water.
Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Management Sciences in Public Administration: Business Administration, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2017.
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