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Title: Lighting up the future of ports with LED
Authors: Naicker, Rowen 
Allopi, Dhiren 
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: SAICE
Source: Naicker, R. and Allopi,D. 2016. Lighting up the future of ports with LED. Civil Engineering. 24(2): 65-66.
Journal: Civil engineering (Yeoville) 
Ports and terminals compete fiercely for container traffic. Those with the most efficient operations stand to win the most business and generate the highest profits. Driving down costs is crucial to remaining competitive. Upgrading to the latest light emitting diode (LED) lighting technology contributes to terminal cost control. Light fixtures installed on port container cranes endure constant vibration, moisture and corrosion - elements always present in marine environments. These extreme conditions result in premature lighting fixture failure, demanding constant maintenance and increasing material and labour costs. Installing properly designed LED fixtures on port container cranes can immediately reduce energy usage, reduce crane maintenance costs and increase operator safety, while moving terminal operators closer to the universal goals of safety, sustainability and profitability (Hertel 2009: 70).
ISSN: 1021-2000
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