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Title: Effects and benefits of using high content of fly ash in concrete
Authors: Zulu, Sabelo 
Allopi, Dhiren 
Keywords: Compressive strength;Concrete;Cost;Durability;Environment;Fly ash
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Source: Zulu, S. and Allopi, D. 2016. Effects and benefits of using high content of fly ash in concrete. International Journal ff Engineering Sciences & Research Technology 5(1): 864-871.
Journal: International journal of engineering, sciences and research technology 
The usage of fly ash products by the South African cement and construction industries has saved the country over 6 million tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The recycling of it as cement extenders provides an immediate benefit for the environment while still improving the quality of concrete, and increasing the amount used in concrete can promote sustainable development. This study evaluated properties of 35MPa/9,5mm concrete with fly ash substituted at 30%, 40%, 50% and 60%.
Increasing the fly ash content can result in more workable and less permeable concrete. The compressive strength and durability index results showed that the fly ash content can be increased beyond 50% and still achieve the required strength and produce durable concrete.
Substituting high volumes of cement with fly ash in concrete can provide good quality concrete and a relief to the environment without compromising the quality and cost of concrete.
ISSN: 2277-9655
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