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Title: Dynamic response of nanocomposite laminates during low, medium and high velocity impact loading
Authors: Balaganesan, G. 
Velmurugan, R. 
Kanny, Krishnan 
Keywords: Nanocomposites;Impact Loading;Dynamic Response;Acceleration;Vibration;Damping
Issue Date: Nov-2015
Publisher: DEStech Publications
Source: Balaganesan, G.; Velmurugan, R. and Kanny, K. 2015. Dynamic response of nanocomposite laminates during low, medium and high velocity impact loading. 4(2): 56-69.
Journal: Frontiers in aerospace engineering (Online) 
The composite laminates are subjected to impact loading in various conditions with different energy levels. The energy levels are varied by varying mass and speed of the striking mass. The conditions are low velocity of impact with heavy mass, light mass projectile with medium and high velocity of impact. The impact due to bullet is considered as light mass with high velocity of impact. Dynamic response of nanocomposite laminates in drop mass test and projectile impact is studied for low velocity impact. The acceleration and time duration of vibration are found experimentally for the glass/epoxy laminates with and without nano fillers. The values of peak acceleration and period of vibration are compared for the laminates of different thicknesses and percentage of filler dispersion. The damping factor values are predicted for low velocity impact loading by logarithmic decrement method and by FFT spectrum analysis for medium and high velocity impact.
ISSN: 2325-6788 (online)
DOI: 10.12783/fae.2015.0402.03
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