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Title: Enhancing the learning experience of primary school learners through the utilisation of a hybrid web-based learning model : a case study of learning mathematics of areas and perimeters
Authors: Naidoo, Nirendran
Issue Date: 2007
The use of web based learning in primary schools has been neglected. The aim of the study is the design of a hybrid web based learning model for primary school mathematics especially in the teaching and learning of perimeter and areas. It is indicated in a study in I calculus teaching and learning at a higher institution by Naidoo (1998) that students have fundamental problems in understanding pre-concepts such as perimeter and areas which are taught in primary schools and that the Piagetian pre-formal and formal stages have not been developed. ti Primary school learners' first encounters with mathematics in a traditional learning environment often create lifelong 'math phobia' (Papert, 1980). The situation in a country I emerging from an oppressive education system designed to educationally disempower the I majority of the population is much worse. The typical scenario in a previously disadvantaged South African primary school is a classroom filled beyond capacity with the educator struggling to establish an effective learning environment. Thus the educator I resorts to rote learning, drill and practice and 'chalk and talk' methods of teaching. The I individual needs and levels of learners are disregarded and blanket assessment methods I are employed (Naidoo and Naidoo, 2006b). Collaborative learning is minimal or nonexistent. These traditional teaching strategies often disregard cultural and social factors, and pre-knowledge frames of learners. Furthermore there is a dire shortage of qualified mathematics educators in the South African schooling system. Therefore there is an urgent need for alternative teaching and learning strategies to address the teaching of mathematics in primary schools.
Submitted in fulfilment of the requirement for the Master of Technology Degree: Education, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2007.
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