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Title: Women in top academic management in technikons : a feminist narrative interpretation
Authors: Turnbull-Jackson, Carol Jeannette Anne
Issue Date: 2004
This study focused on women in Technikons who hold status positions as Dean or higher in the academic management hierarchy and aimed at uncovering those attributes which contributed to their success in breaking the 'glass ceiling'. The gender imbalance in their career paths highlighted the need to identify those attributes so that ways could be found to increase the representation of professional women in leadership and management position. The experiences and struggles of women in Third World Countries, such as South Africa, unfold in a very different context from those of women in First World Countries. As this research is about women for women and gives 'voice' to those women who participated in this project, attention must be paid to the knowledge and theory that incorporates women's experience and perspectives. It is therefore appropriate to view the marginalisation of women and hence their struggle for equality of opportunity in Technikon management from a feminist viewpoint. Narrative enquiry using primarily semi-structured in-depth interviews provided the data which was processed in terms of a categorical-content perspective. The relevant themes identified were interpreted by the researcher and used to formulate grounded theory. The results of this research study drew attention to the importance of the possession of emotional competencies and attributes, that is, the importance of emotional intelligence as an empowering attribute for women managers in academe. This is of special significance in that these attributes can be learned. It is imperative that women in management be provided with opportunities to develop these qualities and
Thesis submitted in compliance with the requirements fo the Doctoral Degree in Technology: Education (Management), Durban Institute of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2004.
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