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Title: A narrative self-study : how do I demonstrate my multi-cultural origins in my art of fashion?
Authors: Madubela, Thandiwe Elsie 
Issue Date: 2014
My study is a qualitative research self-study. The aim of the study is to demonstrate how my multi-cultural origins have created in me my unique South African-ness and how this uniqueness has manifested in my art of fashion design.
As a critically reflective practitioner-researcher trying to improve my professional practice, I have used multiple methodologies to answer the question in the title of my introspective study, “A Narrative Self-Study: How do I demonstrate my multi-cultural origins in my art of fashion?”
I have used critical reflection, action research, narrative enquiry, and auto-ethnography to account for how my discovery of my amaXhosa and amaMpondo roots has interacted with my Bosotho-ness, and my Born-again Christian awareness. I have thus transformed my understanding of myself, my values, my beliefs about myself and the world around me.
I collected the data in a number of different ways: I reflected on the lived experiences of my childhood; I observed and participated in cultural rituals, and reflected on these lived experiences; I used unstructured interviews to talk to many people who provided information which I recorded using a digital camera and took notes.
These experiences and reflections enabled me to develop a Mix-and-Match Fusion Fashion design range of outfits. My Mix-and-Match Fusion Fashion design range incorporates a number of elements which identify with all of my cultural origins. I believe that my Mix-and-Match Fusion Fashion range demonstrates my South African-ness in my art of fashion design. It represents and expresses, symbolizes and celebrates the transition of my beliefs and understanding of my journey of self-discovery involving my five personas. I have used visual methodologies to analyse my designs and employed visual analysis to discuss my findings.
I believe that Africans are increasingly proudly wearing and accepting their traditional attire as high fashion. I believe that the design of my Mix-and-Match Fusion Fashion range is suitable for the Southern African market, and demonstrates that I have effectively used my multi-cultural origins to improve my art of fashion.
Submitted in partial fulfilment for the Masters in Technology Fashion, Durban University of Technology. Durban, South Africa, 2014.
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