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Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015The applicability of nanofiltration for the treatment and reuse of textile reactive dye effluentChollom, Martha Noro ; Rathilal, Sudesh ; Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti ; Alfa, Dorcas 
28-Jul-2016Development and evaluation of a small scale water disinfection systemAlfa, Dorcas ; Rathilal, Sudesh ; Pikwa, Kumnandi ; Chollom, Martha Noro ; Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti 
36-Feb-2014Development and evaluation of woven fabric microfiltration membranes impregnated with silver nanoparticles for potable water treatmentMecha, C.A. ; Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti 
415-Apr-2013Membrane fouling characterization in membrane-based septic tankAli, Saadat ; Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti ; Khan, Sher Jamal ; Visvanathan, C.