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Mabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Industrial application of ionic liquids for the recoveries of spent paint solventMoodley, Kandasamy ; Mabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia ; Bahadur, Indra ; Redhi, Gan G. 
226-Feb-2015Separation of aromatic solvents from oil refinery reformates by a newly designed ionic liquid using gas chromatography with flame ionization detectionBahadur, Indra ; Singh, Prashanth ; Kumar, Sudharsan ; Moodley, Kandasamy ; Mabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia ; Redhi, Gan G. 
32012Utilization of ionic liquids for the separation of organic liquids from industrial effluentsMabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia ; Redhi, Gan G. ; Moodley, Kandasamy