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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2014Fairness in using negative marking for assessing true/false questionsHaffejee, Firoza ; Sommerville, Thomas E. 
22016Impact of headaches on university students in Durban, South AfricaBasdav, Jyotika ; Haffejee, Firoza ; Puckree, Threethambal 
32015Integrating cervical cancer prevention initiatives with HIV care in resource-constrained settings: A formative study in Durban, South AfricaPorts, Katie A. ; Haffejee, Firoza ; Mosavel, Maghboeba ; Rameshbabu, Anjali 
42016Knowledge and attitudes about HIV infection and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in an urban, low income community in Durban, South Africa: Perspectives of residents and health care volunteersHaffejee, Firoza ; Ports, Katie A. ; Mosavel, Maghboeba 
52016Perceptions of students regarding the effects of the implementation of the tobacco control act of 1999 on a South African University campusKhan, M.W. ; Hira, V. ; Haffejee, Firoza 
63-Oct-2016Placental leptin mRNA expression and serum leptin levels in pre-eclampsia associated with HIV infectionHaffejee, Firoza ; Naicker, Thajasvarie ; Singh, Moganavelli ; Kharsany, Ayesha B.M. ; Adhikari, Miriam ; Singh, Ravesh ; Maharaj, Niren ; Moodley, Jagidesa 
73-Oct-2016The role of trophoblast cell receptor expression in HIV-1 passage across the placenta in pre-eclampsia: an observational studyDorsamy, V. ; Vallen, C. ; Haffejee, Firoza ; Moodley, J. ; Naicker, T.