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Title: Nonlinear low-frequency structures in an electron–positron–ion plasma
Authors: Moola, S. 
Lazarus, Ian Joseph 
Bharuthram, R. 
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2012
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Source: S. Moolla, I. J. Lazarus and R. Bharuthram (2012). Nonlinear low-frequency structures in an electron–positron–ion plasma. Journal of Plasma Physics, 78, pp. 545-551. doi:10.1017/S0022377812000268.
Abstract: Nonlinear ion cyclotron and ion-acoustic waves have been studied in an electron–positron–ion plasma. Using Boltzmann distributions for the electrons and positrons and fluid equations for the ions, a set of nonlinear equations in the rest frame of the propagating wave is derived and numerically solved for the electric field. A scan of parameter space reveals a range of solutions for the parallel electric field, from sinusoidal to sawtooth to highly spiky waveforms. The results are compared with satellite observations.
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