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Title: A system for novel integration strategy for strategic financial risk management
Authors: Pulgam, Rachana 
Nikam, Vaishali Dhanaji 
Johri, Shiva 
Muralidhar, L. B. 
Punam, Shashi 
Mani, Manisha 
Ram, Deo Karan 
Lourens, Melanie Lourens 
Kanadasan, N. 
Pavitha N 
Issue Date: 2022
Source: Pulgam, R. et al. 2022. A system for novel integration strategy for strategic financial risk management
There is a correlation between the quality of a company's business strategies and the likelihood that those strategies will hurt the company's position in the market. The availability of financial resources is a significant factor that will determine the trajectory of the organization's growth. Every company faces some level of financial risk in the course of its operations; however, this risk has the potential to propel a company to greater heights provided that it is recognised and managed appropriately. In the current iteration, Strategic Management and Financial Risk Management have been combined to form a single instrument that can potentially serve the purpose of increasing the value of the company by increasing both wealth and profit. This combination was made possible as a result of the combination of Strategic Management and Financial Risk Management. The efficacy of a company's strategic financial management has a direct bearing on the calibre of the decisions that it generates as well as the effectiveness with which it manages its day-to-day business operations.
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