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Title: Quick response and the supply chain in fast fashion in South Africa : a case study
Authors: Biyase, Nokwanda 
Corbishley, Karen Margaret 
Mason, Roger Bruce 
Keywords: Fast fashion;Supply chain;Quick response;Clothing;South Africa
Issue Date: 2021
Source: Biyase, N., Corbishley, K. and Mason, R.B. 2021. Quick response and the supply chain in fast fashion in South Africa: a case study. Expert Journal of Marketing. 9(2): 66-81.
Journal: Expert Journal of Marketing; Vol. 9, Issue 2 
The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that comprise the quick response
and supply chain activities in the fast fashion clothing industry in a developing
country, namely South Africa, and then to investigate the relative importance of these
factors via a case study of one of the main fast fashion retailers in South Africa. The
research used a case study method with a quantitative, questionnaire-based survey
to collect data from a sample of 100 employees, self-selected via a convenience
sample, from departments that were purposively selected. Data was collected via an
e-mailed survey, resulting in a 45% response rate. The study findings confirmed the
importance of both quick response and supply chain efficiency to a successful fast
fashion implementation in a developing country like South Africa, in terms of picking
up trends quicker, faster lead times and less mistakes, all leading to greater
competitiveness. An additional benefit identified was the revival of local production.
Since this was the first research of its type in South Africa, it will contribute to
knowledge about fast fashion in South Africa, and possibly in other developing
countries, and hopefully will initiate a continuing stream of research into fast fashion,
especially with other retailers and provide more detail on the key drivers of drivers
and barriers of fast fashion implementation.
ISSN: 2344-6773
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