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Title: An investigation of the antioxidant properties of some culinary herbs and their potential application in a cosmetic preparation
Authors: Naidoo, Nareshini
Keywords: Plant biotechnology;Plant products--Analysis;Product safety;Herbs--Analysis;Herbs--Biotechnology;Herbal cosmetics--Analysis;Biotechnology--Dissertations, Academic
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: Several herbs are well known for their nutritional applications. The reported study tested some herbs for their efficacy as antioxidants. The herbs and combinations thereof were analyzed for antioxidant activity using two comparative methods: the beta-carotene bleaching method and through measurement by the Rancimat apparatus. The efficacy of the antioxidants was also tested in a cosmetic base cream. The concentration of the natural antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene was determined by analytical methods. The methods used for analysis provided adequate results for interpretation. All herbs exhibited antioxidant activity, at comparable levels. The two methods used for analysis showed variable results, as previous researchers have shown. In terms of antioxidant potency, the herbs were ranked as follows: fenugreek > coriander > oregano > sage (beta-carotene bleaching method), oregano > sage > coriander > fenugreek (Rancimat method). Oregano and sage were good synergists, when combinations of herbs were used. Fenugreek, unlike the other herbs under investigation, is a prooxidant when used at higher concentrations. A direct relationship was observed between the concentration of herbs and antioxidant potency for sage, oregano and coriander. Fenugreek which is prooxidant at higher concentrations, should be used as an antioxidant independently rather than a synergist. This was the most important finding in the reported study. Similar antioxidant activities of the herbs were observed in the base cosmetic formulation. The reported study has provided an adequate base for further quantitative research into the innovative topic of antioxidants.
Description: Thesis (M.Tech.: Food Technology)-Dept. of Biotechnology, Durban University of Technology, 2007 xv, 122 leaves
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