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Title: Customers perceptions on competitiveness of ABSA Bank in South Africa
Authors: Chitamba, Anos 
Issue Date: 2018
The purpose of this study was to determine customer perceptions of the competitiveness of Absa Bank in South Africa. To address the main research question, the study was divided into three sections which then become the objectives of the study. The first objective was to determine customer perceptions of the level of bank competition in South Africa. The second objective was to determine the factors that customers consider when they choose a bank and the last objective was to determine customer perceptions of the competitiveness in the South African banking sector.

An Absa Bank communiqué indicated that its major shareholder, Barclays Bank, is pulling out of Absa due to continued uncertainty in the African market. The market has mixed feelings over the matter. Customers and various stakeholders are sceptical whether the departure will affect the performance of the bank. The study was conducted in Durban. The branch has an estimated of 150 000 Customers who use Absa and subsequently who become the target population of the study. Four hundred walk-in customers at the branch made up the sample. They were selected using a non-probability sampling technique in the form of convenience sampling. In total, 400 questionnaires were distributed to the walk-in customers. Thirteen questionnaires were discarded because the majority of the questions were not answered. Hence a total of 387 questionnaires were returned to the researcher, giving a response rate of 96%.

Data was analysed using the latest computerised Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 24.0. Pearson’s Chi-Square and Spearman’s Correlation tests were conducted to determine whether there were statistically significant relationships between the variables. The findings from the study revealed that there is competition in the banking sector and banks compete for customers using pricing strategies. The study also revealed that Absa customers consider the image of the bank and the level of product knowledge by bank employees when they choose a bank. The study also revealed that the majority of customers’ view Absa Bank as competitive in the market. The researcher recommended that the branch management should regularly conduct

customer surveys as a method to engage customers and to identify the factors that they want to be improved and incorporated into the branch. After the study was completed, the researcher solicited the services of the post graduate librarian to run the turnitin programme to test the entire thesis for plagiarism. A similarity index of 12% was recorded.
Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Management Sciences: Marketing, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2018.
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