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Title: A homoeopathic drug proving of Garcinia cambogia 30CH and a comparison of the substance to its repertorial differentials
Authors: Ramdiyal, Leshmee 
Issue Date: 2018


This homoeopathic drug proving was conducted to elucidate the symptomology produced in healthy provers in response to Garcinia cambogia, in the thirtieth potency, so that it may be prescribed according to the Law of Similars.

A subsequent comparison was made to those remedies that, on repertorisation, yielded the greatest similarities to the Mental, General and Physical symptomatology of Garcinia cambogia.

It was hypothesized that there would be clearly observable signs and symptoms produced by healthy provers in response to Garcinia cambogia 30CH. Hence the information extrapolated will provide the homoeopathic Materia medica of the substance so that it may be prescribed according to the Law of Similiars.

A further hypothesis was made that the comparison between Garcinia cambogia and those remedies that yielded the highest numerical values and total number of rubrics on repertorisation of the proving symptoms would highlight the similarities and differences between the remedy symptoms so that confusion is avoided in the indication of the remedy. It was hypothesized that a greater understanding of Garcinia cambogia and its relationship to other remedies would be recognized as a result of this proving.

A double blind, placebo controlled trial was carried out on 30 healthy, consenting participants whom were randomly divided into two groups, 6 were assigned to the placebo group and 24 to the experimental group. A homoeopathic case history was taken and a physical examination was performed on each prover prior to the commencement of the proving (Appendix D).

Provers began recording their signs and symptoms in a blank journal one week prior to the administration of the remedy as a baseline for the proving, they then continued to record while taking the remedy and thereafter following the administration of the remedy for a period of six weeks. On completion of the proving, the data obtained was correlated and evaluated by the two researchers, Ramdiyal and Diplal.

The symptoms produced during the proving were interpreted into Materia medica and repertory language, and a homoeopathic depiction of the remedy was subsequently formulated. Thereafter the comparison of the remedies yielding the highest numerical value and total number of rubrics on repertorisation of the proving symptoms was completed.

Results 1
An extensive array of symptoms was documented by provers. The results depict an inclination towards the mental- emotional plane. There were often polarity of symptoms and changeability of symptoms. The following were keynote feature:

• Anger/irritability vs. calmness/tranquility;
• Anxiety vs. calmness in stressful situations;
• Depression/sadness vs. cheerfulness;
• Confusion vs. concentration/clarity of mind;
• Connection vs. disconnection;
• Exertion desire vs exertion aversion;
• Positivity vs. pessimism

Numerous themes arising from dreams were recorded by provers, with some notable signs of danger and life-threatening circumstances.

The main physical symptoms that surfaced were; feelings of dizziness, excessive weakness or extreme desire for activity, headaches of a pounding, hammering nature. There was also abdominal discomfort, seen in distension, burning sensations and flatus. There was ravenous hunger or complete loss of it and an unquenchable thirst, especially for cold drinks. Allergy-type symptoms also arose. Patients documented excessive sneezing, coryza, itchy eyes, lachrymation and dry itchy throat. Sleeplessness at night with excessive sleepiness during the day was evident. There were strong cravings for chocolate, pizza and alcohol.

The comparison between the homoeopathic drug proving of Garcinia cambogia 30CH and the repertorisation of remedies brought many similarities to light, with most of these similarities relating to the mind, head and nose.

The proving of Garcinia cambogia 30CH did produce well defined symptoms that were clearly observed in healthy provers as proposed by the hypothesis. As hypothesized the comparison of Garcinia cambogia to remedies of repertorial similarity did highlight similarities and differences between existing homoeopathic remedies and Garcinia cambogia 30CH thereby clarifying the therapeutic range of this new remedy and its relative location in the Materia medica.
Submitted in fulfilment of the Master’s Degree in Homoeopathy, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2018.
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