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Title: An analysis of the factors influencing the relationship between soil properties and optimum moisture content and the formulation of an abbreviated test method of determinig maximum dry density
Authors: Allinsin, Anthony James
Keywords: Sustainable practices;Sustainable agriculture
Issue Date: 1997
The strength and durability of any soil structure is dependent on the quality of the compaction of the soil. This quality is measured by employing a standard compaction test, which provides a standard with which density may be compared, called the maximum dry density, and the moisture content of the soil at which this is achieved, called the optimum moisture content. As a matter of routine during quality control, the particle size distribution, plasticity index and liquid limit of the soil are determined at the same time as its maximum dry density and optimum moisture content.
Dissertation submitted in compliance with the requirements for the Masters Degree in Technology: Civil Engineering, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1997.
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