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Title: Understanding multiple species ecosystem dynamics using a consumer resource model
Authors: Collins, Obiora Cornelius 
Duffy, Kevin Jan 
Keywords: Differential equations;Multiple species coexistence;Stability analysis
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Wiley
Source: Collins, O.C. and Duffy, K.J. 2016. Understanding multiple species ecosystem dynamics using a consumer resource model. Natural Resource Modeling. 29(1): 145-158.
Journal: Natural resource modeling (Online) 
Most ecological systems comprise multiple species coex-isting and the dynamics of these multiple species can be important for understanding, management, and conservation. One method to study such ecological system dynamics is the use of heterogeneous models. Here we for-mulate and analyze a multiple species (n patches or groups) consumer re-source model. Initial insights are gained by analyzing the special cases n =1 and n = 2. A threshold consumption number C0 is used to investigate system stability and hence the long-term dynamics of the system. It is shown how this threshold consumption number can measure the effects and extent of multiple species coexistence in the system.
ISSN: 0890-8575 (print)
1939-7445 (online)
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