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Title: The relationship between myofascial trigger points, total work and other recorded measurements of the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, in long-distance runners with patellofermoral pain syndrome
Authors: Daly, Gail 
Keywords: Chiropractic;Long distance running
Issue Date: 2005
To document the relationship between total work and myofascial trigger points in the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis portion of the quadriceps femoris muscle, whilst providing baseline graphs of these muscles with the use of a Cybex 700 Isokinetic Dynanometer in long distance runners both with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome.
Methods: A quantitative, non-intervention clinical exploratory study. Fifty participants were divided into two groups, Group A (40 symptomatics) and Group B (10 asymptomatics). Both groups were screened for vastus lateralis and vastus medialis trigger points. Subjective data was obtained from Group A only, using the Numerical Pain Rating Scale and the Patient Specific Functional Scale. Objective data was obtained from both groups using the algometer, Myofascial Diagnostic Scale, and the Cybex 700 Isokinetic Dynanometer. For descriptive analysis frequency tabulations, box and whisker plots were used to display distributions graphically. Comparisons of categorical and quantitative variables between independent groups were run using chi square and Mann-Whitney testing consecutively. Finally Spearman’s correlation, multivariate generalized linear modelling and repeated measures ANOVA were also used. All statistical analysis was completed at the 95% (p<0.05) level of confidence.
Dissertation submitted in partial compliance with the requirements for the Master's Degree in Technology: Chiropractic, Durban Institute of Technology, Durban, South Africa 2005.
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