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Title: Community-based tourism: From a local to a global push
Authors: Giampiccoli, Andrea 
Saayman, Melville 
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2016
Publisher: AOSIS Publishing
Source: Giampiccoli, A. and Saayman, M. 2016. Community-based tourism: From a local to a global push. Acta Commercii - Independent Research Journal in the Management Sciences. 16(1): 1-10.
Journal: Acta commercii 
Orientation: World inequality is growing and tourism contributes to it; an alternative option is, therefore, needed towards a more just and redistributive approach to this industry.

Purpose: The aim is to propose that there is a need to advance the tourism sector to be more in line with community-based tourism (CBT) principles and practices.

Motivation of the study: The current tourism system exists within the more general neoliberal milieu. Alternative tourism forms are also often co-opted and circumscribed by a neoliberal framework. The issue is to a find a possible solution to advance a tourism development approach that enhances a decrease in inequalities.

Research design, approach and method: The article is a review paper.

Main findings: The results propose that the actual system of the tourism sector is in line with neoliberal milieu and does not militate against various inequalities (it, in fact, supports them). Therefore, a tourism development approach more based on CBT principles and practices is advocated.

Practical/managerial implication: A shift in the tourism development approach is proposed, reflecting the need to establish new policies and management structures that are fundamentally based on CBT principles and practices.

Contribution/value add: The article contributes to the literature related to the role of tourism in development, specifically debating matters related to the relationship between tourism, neoliberalism and alternative tourism. In addition, the article also deals with the debate on CBT.
ISSN: 1684-1999 (online)
2413-1903 (print)
DOI: http://dx.doi. org/10.4102/ac.v16i1.372
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