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Title: A comparative study of the NMR spectra of parallel potencies of Sulphur with reference to similarities of concentration and dynamisationn.
Authors: Malan, Johannes Francios
Issue Date: 2002
The purpose of this study was to analyse and compare the NMR spectra of homoeopathic Sulphur (the most well-known and often tested homoeopathic remedy) in two commonly used potencies, namely the centesimal (CH) and decimal (DH) potencies. Both potencies were prepared according to the Hahnemannian method. In order to assess the differences and similarities between these two potency scales, remedies with the same levels of deconcentration, and remedies with the same numbers of succussions were tested. The Control substance used was Water-Ethanol 87% without lactose or Sulphur. The Control substance was prepared in the same way as the Sulphur i.e. potentised as the Sulphur. Chemical shift and relative integration values of the H20, OH and CH2 peaks were recorded, calculated and compared. The investigation was designed as a scientific experiment. Firstly, the Sulphur remedies were compared to the Controls. Secondly, Sulphur remedies were compared to Sulphur remedies, and Controls to Controls. The following criteria were used: o Equal deconcentrations of the centesimal scale were compared to their equivalent decimal scale. o Equal numbers of succussions of the centesimal scale were compared to their equivalent decimal scale. The following potencies were assessed for both Sulphur and Control (Water-Ethanol):
Dissertation submitted in partial compliance with the requirements for the Masters Degree in Technology: Homoeopathy, Durban Institute of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2002.
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