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Title: The efficacy of a homoeopathic complex (Chamomilla, Belladona and Scutellaria Lateriflora) in the treatment of problematic primary dental eruption
Authors: Lever, Yvette
Issue Date: 1998
The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a Homoeopathic complex (ChamomilIa 30 CH, Belladonna 30 CH and Scutellaria Lateriflora D6) in the treatment of problematic primary dental eruption. The study was a double blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical investigation. The thirty patients involved were between seven and thirty four months of age, and were all in the process of erupting a tooth, or teeth, during the study. The criteria for the study required that the patient be experiencing signs and symptoms relating to problematic dental eruption. These included the general symptoms of irritability and sleep disturbances, and the local signs and symptoms of painfully inflamed gums. The efficacy of the treatment was measured by using a questionnaire before and after the treatment. The follow-up consultation was conducted two to three days after the initial consultation due to the acute nature of the condition. The statistical tests used were non-parametric due to the small sample size. The Mann-Whitney test was used to compare the experiment and the control group, and
Dissertation submitted in partial compliance with the requirements for the Master's degree in Technology: Homoeopathy, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1998.
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