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Title: Homoeopathic treatment of osteoarthritis in terms of patient perception and clinical manifestations
Authors: Kaufmann, Holton James
Issue Date: 1997
This clinical trial focused on evaluating homoeopathic simillimum treatment of hand osteoarthritis. Emphasis was placed on assessing changes in measurable clinical manifestations and participants pain perception related to this condition. A double-bl ind, placebo-controlled protocol was uti 1ized involving 30 participants chosen from respondents to advertising in the Durban newspapers. Participants were randomly assigned to receive homoeopathic simillimum or placebo treatment. Bilateral antero-posterior-, oblique- and lateral hand and wrist x-ray's were taken to diagnose osteoarthritis. Clinical evaluation utilized the following tools: 1. Collin dynamometer (hand grip-strength) 2. Finger goniometer (degrees of mobility) 3. Circumeter (joint circumference measurements) 4. Aesthesiometer (articular index of joint sensitivity) The lOl-point Numerical Rating Scale (Jensen et al. 1986) was used to test pain intensity and the Short Form McGi 11 pain questionnaire (Melzack 1987) was used to monitor participants pain perception. All tests and questionnaires were repeated monthly over the three month trial duration .
Dissertation submitted in partial compliance with the requirements for the Master's Degree in Technology: Homoeopathy, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1997.
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