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Title: Development of prototype UCAV airframe components using advanced composite materials
Authors: Jordan, Kenneth Gary
Issue Date: 2004
The study presented here addresses the design of the composite wing and canard structures for an -un-inh-ab-it-ed-combat air vehicle. The desian philosophy is based on a ~- combination of finite element analysis and mathematical programming. The wings and canards were manufactured using advanced composite materials. the manufacturing methodology was based on a rapid protoryping approach using 3D computer models and eNe machining. The theory of composite materials is covered in detail, attention IS given to the properties of the separate constituents, composite material properties and manufacturing methods that are relevant to the project. The finite element method and sequential linear programming are discussed in the context of structural analysis and optimisation. An overview of the methodology and how it is implemented is presented. Numerical optimisation techniques are discussed with particular emphasis being placed on sequential linear programming. The optimisation problem formulation is presented in detail with attention paid to elements and their formulation as well as design variables, constraints and sensitivity analysis. Two design concepts were considered for the wing and canard structures, the first being a conventional configuration and the second being a novel radial design. The development and evaluation of these structural concepts are presented in detail. The optimisation study done on the canard is also presented as well as the manufacture thereof. Details regarding the manufacturing methodology used in the construction of the canard for the uninhabited combat air vehicle are presented in detail with particular
Submitted in partial fulfilment of the academic requirements for the Degree of Master of Technology: Mechanical Engineering, Durban Institute of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2004.
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