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Title: Seasonal variation and distribution of Anionic Surfactants in and around Tirupati : a famous pilgrim centre in South India
Authors: Ramanjulu, C. 
Naidu, N. Venkatasubba 
Kanchi, Suvardhan 
Bisetty, Krishna 
Keywords: Anionic surfactants;Seasonal variation;Pre-monsoon;Monsoon;Tirupati;Renigunta industrial estate
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Asian Publication Corporation
Source: Ramanjulu, C. et al. 2015. Seasonal variation and distribution of Anionic Surfactants in and around Tirupati : a famous pilgrim centre in South India. Asian Journal of Chemistry. 27(10): 3655-3657.
Journal: Asian Journal of Chemistry 
This report presents the anionic surfactants concentration in water system collected in and around Tirupati, South India. The concentration of anionic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium hexadecyl sulfonate and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate were showed a rather homogeneous distribution (except sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate) within the Tirupati, with high values of 80.0, 90.75, 46.90, 15.10 μg L–1 in Tirupati and slightly less concentration values of 75.0, 60.55, 35.40, 10.0 μg L –1 were found in samples collected from Renigunta Industrial Estate during pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons respectively. High concentration of these surfactants in open wells and open municipal wastewaters in Tirupati may be due to the huge discharge of domestic wastes into the drain system. The concentration of surfactants found in Renigunta Industrial Estate may be due to the direct discharge of industrial wastewater into the environment.
ISSN: 0970-7077
DOI: 10.14233/ajchem.2015.18906
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