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Orton, Penelope Margaret
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2020Creating an instrument to measure perceptions about access to health-related higher education programmes in South AfricaOrton, Penelope Margaret ; Essack, Sabhia ; Nokes, Kathleen M.; Brysiewicz, Petra
22023Exploring intersectionality and HIV stigma in persons receiving HIV care in nurse-led public clinics in Durban, South AfricaSokhela, Dudu Gloria ; Orton, Penelope Margaret ; Nokes, Kathleen M.; Samuels, William E. 
329-Apr-2021Factors related to functional exercise capacity amongst people with HIV in Durban, South AfricaOrton, Penelope Margaret ; Sokhela, Dudu Gloria ; Nokes, Kathleen M.; Perazzo, Joseph D. ; Webel, Allison R.