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Fomunyam, Kehdinga George
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2022Analysis of enrolment rate in private institutions in west African countriesKehdinga George Fomunyam 
21-Dec-2021Convergence and divergence in engineering education in AfricaFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
32017Decolonising the engineering curriculum in a South African University of TechnologyFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
4Nov-2021Engineering education and individualism : the quest for individual excellenceFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
51-Nov-2022Female graduation rate in STEM programs in tertiary education : the case of the Gulf Cooperation council Countries (GCCs)Fomunyam, Kehdinga George 
6Nov-2021Globalisation and localisation of engineering education in AfricaFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
72019ICT possibilities for primary and secondary education in AfricaFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
81-Apr-2022Machine learning and stem education : challenges and possibilitiesFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
930-Sep-2022The philosophical dimensions of mathematics in engineering educationFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
102021The political, social and economic dimensions of engineering educationFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
111-Nov-2018Re-constructing the use of educational technology in the deprived engineering classroomFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
122020Redefining the theory of engineering for relevance in the 21st Century in AfricaFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
13Dec-2019The role of information and communication technology in tertiary education in AfricaFomunyam, Kehdinga George 
142019Theorising the #MustFall student movements in contemporary South African higher education : a social justice perspectiveHlatshwayo, Mlamuli Nkosingphile ; Kehdinga, George Fomunyam 
151-Jun-2022Theorising the possibilities of stem education in the 21st centuryKehdinga, George Fomunyam 
161-Jun-2021Theorizing international postgraduate student lecturers' experiences in South AfricaKehdinga, George Fomunyam ; Noluthando, Matola 
172020Women as canons in engineering theorizing their experiences and exploitsKehdinga, George Fomunyam