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Mvunabandi, Jean Damascene
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2023Can a labour market assessment be used to help adolescent girls and young women improve their employment prospects in South Africa?Mvunabandi, Jean Damascene ; Nomala, Bomi ; Marimuthu, Ferina 
231-Aug-2023The difference between non-profit organization financial reporting practices and financial performance in relation to IFRS for SMEs and government requirementsMvunabandi, Jean Damascene 
320-Jan-2024The effect of tax avoidance and tax evasion on the performance of South African economyMvunabandi, Jean Damascene ; Nomala, Bomi ; Marimuthu, Ferina 
4Jan-2023An examination of adolescent girls' and young women's entrepreneurial knowledge in South Africa: longitudinal studyMvunabandi, Jean Damascene ; Nomlala, Bomi Cyril ; Gadzikwa, Lawrence 
52022Financial accounting as a tool to enhance non-government organisations’ performance : a case study of a large NGO in Durban, South AfricaMvunabandi, Jean Damascene ; Lathleiff, Charmaine ; Muzindutsi, Paul-Francois 
61-Dec-2022Longitudinal analysis of relationship between entrepreneurial mindset skills training and entrepreneurial knowledge improvement among adolescent girls and young women in South AfricaMvunabandi, Jean Damascene ; Marimuthu, Ferina ; Maama, Haruna 
72022The practicality of forensic auditing techniques to detect non-government orgnaisations’ financial statement fraud in South Africa using a proactive approachMvunabandi, Jean Damascene ; Nomlala, Bomi Cyril ; Patrick, Harold