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Jugmohan, Sean
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-May-2016Are ‘Albergo Diffuso’ and community-based tourism the answers to community development in South Africa?Giampiccoli, Andrea ; Saayman, Melville ; Jugmohan, Sean 
2Jan-2015Characteristics and policies of community-based tourism in the case of JamaicaGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Jugmohan, Sean ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
32015Community-based tourism affinity index: a visitor’s approachGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Jugmohan, Sean ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
4Dec-2015Community-based tourism in rich and poor countries : towards a framework for comparisonGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Jugmohan, Sean ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
5Mar-2016Local natural and cultural heritage assets and community based tourism: Challenges and opportunitiesJugmohan, Sean ; Spencer, J.P. ; Steyn, J. N. 
6Sep-2015A pre-condition evaluation and management model for community-based tourismJugmohan, Sean ; Steyn, J. N.