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Garbharran, Hari Lall
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2015Assessing the use of environmental management accounting as a tool to calculate environmental costs and their impact on a company's environmental performanceDoorasamy, Mishelle ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
2Dec-2014Cash management challenges of small businesses in a developing communityMungal, Avika ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
3Jul-2013Communication skills as a subject in the programme cost and management accounting at a South African UniversityNaidoo, Suntharmurthy Kristnasamy ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
42015A comparative analysis on the effect to the research productivity: a manual system versus ICT use without trainingBasak, Sujit Kumar ; Govender, Desmond Wesley ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
52012Critical success factors influencing project success in the construction industryGarbharran, Hari Lall ; Govender, Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy ; Msani, Thulani Armstrong
62015Debt financing structure within the State-owned corporations in KenyaNyamita, Micah Odhiambo ; Dorasamy, Nirmala ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
72015The effectiveness of using material flow cost accounting (MFCA) to identify non-product output costsDoorasamy, Mishelle ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
82015Enhancing municipal e-procurement using inventory stock control: South African design approachNzuza, Zwelihle Wiseman ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
92015The extent of debt financing within state-owned corporations in KenyaNyamita, Micah Odhiambo ; Garbharran, Hari Lall ; Dorasamy, Nirmala 
102014Factors influencing debt financing decisions of corporations – theoretical and empirical literature reviewNyamita, Micah Odhiambo ; Garbharran, Hari Lall ; Dorasamy, Nirmala 
11Nov-2014Factors influencing debt financing within State-owned corporations in KenyaNyamita, Micah Odhiambo ; Garbharran, Hari Lall ; Dorasamy, Nirmala 
122015MFCA : an environmental management accounting technique for optimal resource efficiency in production processesTajelawi, Omolola Ayobamidele ; Garbharran, Hari Lall 
13Jan-2014The perceptions of small businesses in the implementation of cash management techniquesMungal, Avika ; Garbharran, Hari Lall