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Davidson, Innocent E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2016Analysis of current Pulses in HeLa-Cell Permeabilization due to high voltage DC corona dischargeChetty, Nevendra K. ; Chonco, Louis ; Ijumba, Nelson M. ; Chetty, Leon ; Govender, Thavendran ; Parboosing, Raveen ; Davidson, Innocent Ewaen 
22016Dynamic voltage stability studies using a modified IEEE 30-Bus systemOni, Oluwafemi E. ; Davidson, Innocent Ewaen ; Mbangula, Kamati N. I. 
3Nov-2016Harmonic distortion of LCC-HVDC and VSC-HVDC link in Eskom's Cahora Bassa HVDC SchemeOni, Oluwafemi E. ; Davidson, Innocent Ewaen