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Adam, Jamila
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013An assessment of Erythropoietin levels in haemodialysis patients in Addington Hospital Durban, South AfricaAdam, Jamila Khatoon ; Benjamin, Sherilene Cheryl ; Assounga, A. G. ; Rmaih, Wafaa 
2Dec-2015Biomedical applications and toxicity of nanosilver : a reviewKrishna, Suresh Babu Naidu ; Govender, Patrick ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon 
3Jun-2013The characteristics and outcomes of patients undergoing percutaneous balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty in the paediatric populationAdam, Jamila Khatoon ; Govender, S. ; Hoosen, E. G. M. ; Amod, A. ; Rmaih, Wafaa 
4Jul-2013Diagnostic value of signal-averaged electrocardiogram in arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy patientsAdam, Waseem S. ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon ; Hendricks, Neil 
530-Jul-2013The effect of optimising cerebral tissue oxygen saturation on markers of neurological injury during coronary artery bypass graft surgeryHarilall, Yakeen ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon ; Biccard, Bruce ; Reddi, Anu 
6Nov-2015Nano silver particles in biomedical and clinical applications : reviewKrishna, Suresh Babu Naidu ; Govender, Patrick ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon 
7Jun-2012The predictive value of proBNP levels to determine the presence and severity of coronary artery disease in patients with a positive or inconclusive exercise stress testAdam, Jamila Khatoon ; Pearce, A. ; Naidoo, N. ; Rmaih, Wafaa 
82016Qualitative evaluation of selected social factors that impact sexual risk-taking behaviour among African students in Kwazulu-Natal, South AfricaNgidi, Ndumiso Daluxolo ; Moyo, Sibusiso ; Zulu, Thobile ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon ; Krishna, Suresh Babu Naidu 
92012Two year clinical outcomes after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation for the treatment of coronary artery diseaseAdam, Jamila Khatoon ; Dyer, Robby B. ; Harrypaul, Ashika ; Rmaih, Wafaa 
1027-Oct-2012The use of probiotics and safety concerns : a reviewKrishna, Suresh Babu Naidu ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon ; Govender, P. 
11Apr-2017The vaginal microbiota in women health and disease : current understanding and future perspectives : a reviewKrishna, Suresh Babu Naidu ; Wilson, Stacey L. ; Adam, Jamila Khatoon