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Title: Machinability study of hybrid nanoclay-glass fibre reinforced polyester composites
Authors: Prabhu, P.
Jawahar, P.
Balasubramanian, M.
Mohan, T. P. 
Keywords: Glass fibre reinforced polyester composites;Hybrid nanoclay and glass fibre reinforced polyester nanocomposites
Issue Date: 2013
Source: Prabhu, P.; Jawahar, P.; Balasubramanian, M. and Mohan, T.P. 2013. Machinability Study of Hybrid Nanoclay-Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites. International Journal of Polymer Science, 2013.
Abstract: Glass fibre reinforced polyester composites (GRP) and hybrid nanoclay and glass fibre reinforced polyester nanocomposites (CGRP) are fabricated by vacuum assisted resin infusion technique. The optimum mechanical properties are obtained for CGRP with 3 wt.% nanoclay. Three types of drills (carbide twist drill D 5407060, HSS twist drill BS-328, and HSS end mill (4 flutes “N”-type end mill RH-helical flute)) of 6 mm diameters are used to drill holes on GRP and CGRP. Three different speeds (600, 852, and 1260 rpm) and two different feeds (0.045, 0.1 mm/rev) are selected as process parameters. The effect of process parameter on thrust force and delamination during drilling CGRP is analyzed for optimizing the machining parameters. The delamination factor is low for the optimum process parameter (feed = 0.1 mm/rev and speed 852 rpm). Microstructural analysis confirms that at higher feeds, delamination is low for CGRP drilled with carbide tools. In order to analyze the effect of nanoclay in CGRP on tool wear, 200 holes were drilled on CGRP samples with 3 wt.% nanoclay, and the tool wear is analyzed under optimized parametric condition. Tool wear is high in HSS twist drill compared with carbide drill. The presence of nanoclay also accelerates the tool wear.
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