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Title: The knowledge and perceptions of paediatricians in South Africa with respect to chiropractic
Authors: Heslop, Sarah Jane 
Keywords: Chiropractic
Issue Date: 2008
Objectives: To investigate the knowledge and perceptions of Paediatricians in South Africa with respect to Chiropractic, and to determine if any correlation exists between the two.
Methods: A posted quantitative questionnaire was used to collect data from Paediatricians in South Africa. Follow up telephonic calls were made to encourage response from participants. After a 12-week period, returned questionnaires were collected and data analysed.
Results: The results obtained (25% response rate), indicated that there are relatively low levels of knowledge and poor perceptions amongst Paediatricians, which was supported by the low referral rate from Paediatricians for Chiropractic treatment. With regard to perception, Paediatricians seem to have a better perception of Chiropractic for the general compared to the paediatric population. Paediatricians felt that they do not have enough knowledge to discuss Chiropractic with their patients and would like to be further informed. This was reflected in the statistically significant correlation between knowledge and perception, and it would seem that better knowledge allowed for more positive perceptions. The study also found that Paediatricians agreed that they would like to receive treatment feedback after referring a patient for Chiropractic treatment and they were more likely to refer to a Chiropractor if they had a post-registration paediatric specialisation.
Conclusions: A correlation exists between knowledge and perceptions of Paediatricians in South Africa with respect to Chiropractic, with both being relatively, although better perceptions of Chiropractic for the general than for the paediatric population exist.
Thesis (Masters in Technology: Chiropractic)--Durban University of Technology, Durban South Africa, 2008.
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