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Title: Lattice sites, charge states and spin–lattice relaxation of Fe ions in 57Mn+ implanted GaN and AlN
Authors: Masenda, Hilary 
Naidoo, D. 
Gunnlaugsson, H. P. 
Johnston, K. 
Mantovan, R. 
Mølholt, Torben Esmann 
Ncube, M. 
Shayestehaminzadeh, S. 
Gíslason, H. P. 
Langouche, G. 
Ólafsson, S. 
Weyer, G. 
Bharuth-Ram, Krish 
Keywords: GaN;AIN;Mn;Ion implantation;Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy;Paramagnetism
Issue Date: Nov-2015
Publisher: North-Holland Publishing
Source: Masenda, H. et al. 2016. Lattice sites, charge states and spin–lattice relaxation of Fe ions in 57Mn+ implanted GaN and AlN. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. 104: 1130-1138.
Journal: Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 
The lattice sites, valence states, resulting magnetic behaviour and spin–lattice relaxation of Fe ions in GaN and AlN were investigated by emission Mössbauer spectroscopy following the implantation of radioactive 57Mn+ ions at ISOLDE/CERN. Angle dependent measurements performed at room temperature on the 14.4 keV γ-rays from the 57Fe Mössbauer state (populated from the 57Mn β− decay) reveal that the majority of the Fe ions are in the 2+ valence state nearly substituting the Ga and Al cations, and/or associated with vacancy type defects. Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy experiments conducted over a temperature range of 100–800 K show the presence of magnetically split sextets in the “wings” of the spectra for both materials. The temperature dependence of the sextets relates these spectral features to paramagnetic Fe3+ with rather slow spin–lattice relaxation rates which follow a T2 temperature dependence characteristic of a two-phonon Raman process.
ISSN: 0304-8853
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