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Title: Criteria based academic and vocational predictor elements for student selection in the National Diploma of Food Service Management programme
Authors: Koen, Pauline Anne 
Issue Date: 1996
As tertiary institutions, technikons are in the fortunate position that there is a demand for their educational programmes among prospective students, and an equally positive demand for technikon diplomates from the relevant industries who require skilled manpower. Unfortunately resources are limited and thus technikons cannot admit all the applicants who apply for the various courses. For this reason it has become essential to select only those candidates who are most likely to complete the educational training programmes, and fit successfully into the job market. When the value and nature of technikon education are compared to those of a university education, it seems appropriate that their respective students should possess different qualities and abilities, which should be accommodated in the selection criteria governing enrolment.
Dissertation submitted in compliance with the requirements for the Masters Diploma in Technology: Food and Nutrition, Technikon Natal, Durban, Soth Africa, 1996.
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