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Title: An investigation into concrete pole damage to the Inwabi Plateau distribution line
Authors: Turner, Stephen 
Issue Date: 1998
The use of pre-stressed concrete poles for the Inwabi Plateau rural distribution line has presented unforseen problems for the Durban Electricity Service Unit, such as poor line performance and structural damage to the poles. The effects are thought to be due to lightning. This dissertation deals with an investigation into the cause of the damage as well as recommendations regarding the repair and prevention of future damage. To achieve this, an evaluation of the line Basic Insulation Level (B.I.L.) together with a review of the existing literature on the effects of lightning to overhead lines was used in order to establish what the specific damage mechanisms are. Field and laboratory tests were also undertaken as part of the investigation. Based on the results obtained, the overhead line was modified in terms of it's B.I.L. A preliminary evaluation of the modifications was done, with recommendations regarding further work to be done in the future.
Submitted as the dissertation component in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters Diploma in Technology (Electrical engineering - heavy current), Electrical Engineering, ML Sultan Technikon, Durban, South Africa, 1998.
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