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Title: Effects of total quality management implementation in a manufacturing industry
Authors: Assensoh-Kodua, Akwesi 
Imrith, Ashwin 
Keywords: Industry;Management;Manufacturing;Total Quality Management
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Virtus Interpress
Source: Assensoh-Kodua, A. and Imrith, A. 2016. Effects of total quality management implementation in a manufacturing industry. Risk Governance & Control: Financial Markets & Institutions. 6(4): 1-15.
Journal: Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions (Online) 
In today's highly competitive market, the demand for quality is important factor for companies to survive in the ever-expanding global marketplace. The unprecedented pace of globalisation, trade liberalisation, and technological changes in addition to human capital movement in the later years profoundly poses serious challenges for African companies to compete in an open market. African trade liberalisation through the elimination of intraregional tariffs, imposed to serve as a protective barrier to local industries have also worsen the plight of local infant industries. African Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) poses challenges for South African companies as they have to compete with more industralised and older companies. The concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) developed as a result of intense global competition has therefore become a compelling concept for African companies seeking to survive in an uneven grounds of competition. This paper seeks to examine whether the implementation of TQM has effect on LMI in Durban by developing a research model to uncover the barriers and benefits of TQM. A sample population of employees from a manufacturing industry were selected to participate in this study. It became clear that, this study have found a significant relationship between the positions at the manufacturing industry and their opinion of TQM. The Spearman correlation coefficient indicated a significant relationship between TQM and factors such as Management and Commitment Leadership Importance, Work Environment and Culture Importance, Customer Focus Importance, Customer Focus Practice, Resource Management Importance. These findings are in agreement with other studies of scholars that highlights the benefits and barriers of TQM.
ISSN: 2077-429X (printed)
2077-4303 (online)
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