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Title: Key factors for the use of homoeopathic remedies as an adjunct in asthma management
Authors: Tak, Eugene Lawrence
Issue Date: 2000
This study aimed to evaluate the use of homoeopathic remedies, as an adjunct to allopathic the management of asthma. A.double blind randomised placebo-controlled design was used in the-trial, Thirty-two patients who were medically diagnosed suffering from atopic asthma took part Certain limiting criteria such. as. age, smoking, pregnancy were used to focus the patients into a more homogenous group. The patients selected for this trial were using only salbutamel; a bronchodilator, in a metered unit dose inhaler to treat their asthmatic symptoms. Limited use of additional medication was allowed, if asthmatic symptoms were exacerbated during the trial. Both subjective and objective records were used to determine the efficacy of the homoeopathic medications used. The subjective data were collected using the Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (Marks, et al. 1992). Objective data were collected using daily Peak Expiratory Flow readings, salbutamol inhaler Pump Usage and Asthma Severity Scores (Woolcock and Jenkins, 1991).
Dissertation submitted in partial compliance with the requirements for the Master's Degree in Technology: Homoeopathy, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, 2000.
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