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Title: Medical laboratory technology in the Republic of South Africa : beyond 2000
Authors: Winchester, Carolyn Margaret
Issue Date: 1994
The arena with the for medical technologists result that educational is continually changing directive must change accordingly. A number of big issues have changed the role of the medical technologist. Cognisance of the identified issues is essential if the profession is to survive the year 2000. The future directions of medical technology ar~ analysed in this disseration in order to identify the knowledge and skills that the professional medical technologist will require for the 21st century. The factors which have up to now introduced dramatic changes in clinical pathology laboratories will also present certain opoortunities for laboratory professionals but taking cognisance of the necessity for change and professional ability. This study was thus conducted to explore the educational requirements necessary for the professional future of medical Africa. laboratory technologists in the Republic of South !'.C.,' . A t~eoretical sub-structure lays the foundation for the study. The literature review in Chapter 2 outlines medical technology eduction both in the Republic of South Africa and in certain other countries. The necessity for change in the education of medical laboratory technologists is addressed here. Chapter 3 examines the factors (gleaned from the literature) which are producing a need for such dramatic change for the century ahead. It also examines the role of the technikons and the roles of the technikons with regard to the training of medical technologists and the influence of academic drift. The methodology in Chapter 4 explains the structuring and administration of a questionnaire used to capture data from registered medical laboratory technologists in the Republic of South Africa. The processed data results are discussed in Chapter 5. Tables are presented at the conclusion of certain groups of major issues. Chapter 6 concludes with the findings
Dissertation submitted in compliance with the Master's Diploma in Technology: Medical Technology, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1994.
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