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Title: An investigation into the contributing factors associated with work related musculoskeletal disorders of the neck and shoulders in non- secretarial computer users in a selected corporate banking environment
Authors: Peek, Nigel Richard 
Keywords: Chiropractic;Neck pain
Issue Date: 2005
Musculoskeletal injuries in computer users are an increasing concern. The computer has become an essential working tool that is used throughout all levels of companies and organisations. Management and professional personnel are required to use computers, often without training in typing skills, this combined with higher stress and responsibility levels and lengthy work hours. Potentially this makes them a high-risk group for work related injury. Previous research has focused mainly on data entry and secretarial workers, who are often competent in typing and keyboard skills.

There is an increasing body of literature that implicates a wide variety of factors responsible for computer and office related musculoskeletal injury, however there is still much conflict as to what factors play the most influential role in development of these disorders. Conflict largely remains over the role of individual and constitutional factors versus workplace factors such as ergonomic design and patterns of computer use. The aim of this study was therefore to determine the prevalence of and related risk factors associated with work related musculoskeletal injuries of the neck and shoulder in non-secretarial computer users within the South African context.
Thesis (M.asters in Technology: Chiropractic), Durban Institute of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2005.
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